History and Theory of Historiography: Prizes and Conference

  • ICHTH has begun its selection process of offering, for the first time, two prizes in the study of historiography and historical theory: 1) doctoral dissertation prize (defended between 2009 and 2011) and 2) best book prize.  For any book or dissertation written in languages other than English, please submit a detailed summary of no less than 2,000 words in English. The deadline is Nov. 30, 2012. We encourage nominations and self-nominations from our members or from anyone interested in promoting the study of historiography and historical theory. Together with the work, which should be submitted in digital format, please also submit a detailed CV. All the application materials should be sent to Professor Chris Lorenz [c.f.g.lorenz@vu.nl] by the deadline for consideration.
  • ICHTH is going to organize an open conference on “Historians as Engaged Intellectuals: Historical Writing and Social Criticism” at Ruhr University-Bochum, Sept. 19-21, 2013. Any ICHTH members interested in presenting their papers at the conference could submit a 150 words abstract to Professor Stefan Berger [stefan.berger@rub.de] by Dec. 30, 2012.
  • http://www.historiographyinternational.org/
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